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"What’s up be? Wa-sa-bi"

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Nam June Paik, TV Bra for Living Sculpture (Charlotte Moorman). 1969.

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Born Under a Bad Sign: Hard Luck, Art, and Tumors

Matt Freedman, “Hats and Broom on Bed with Drinking glass Reflecting Full Moon” (2013), epoxy…

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Kimchi Squat, 2014

Through an instructional motif, Kimchi Squat lists an inventory of actions of a particular cross cultural gesture. 

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The Artist is Kinda Present

Sit down with the artist.
Find a comfortable position.

Be present with the artist in any of the following ways:
A text message to: [PHONE NUMBER]
A tweet to @anxiaostudio.

The artist will respond in kind. When you have reached a satisfactory connection, or you simply grow bored, you may leave.

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Overdue: Collecting the Abandoned

I made a book that is a continuation of Empty Stretch’s zine publication that recently sold out. 

Check it out 
Available Here

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Library Due Date Cards

Collecting what is so often overlooked. 

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Joan Oh

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UPenn MFA Open Studios

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